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Jewelry Aficionado + Fine Vintage Expert Dana Kraus Of Dk Farnum | dkfarnum
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jewelry aficionado kraus

Jewelry Aficionado + Fine Vintage Expert Dana Kraus Of Dk Farnum

At some point in your life, I hope you own, and treasure, a piece of fine vintage jewelry. There is nothing more unique, more exquisitely crafted or transformative. If you don’t yet, or are looking for something spectacular, Dana Kraus of DK Farnum is the woman you need to know. Dana is not only passionate about what she does and has an intense knowledge of jewelry in general, she has also become a confidant to those looking to sell extraordinary jewelry with often legendary provenance (she’s had pieces from Babe Paley, Peggy Guggenheim, the Hermès family). When TFI really takes off, the René Boivin diamond circle earrings below are mine! Here, Dana shares her favorite finds, why you shouldn’t buy jewelry as an investment, and the influence of Pharrell. …

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