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What’s Black, White and Red All Over? | dkfarnum
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What’s Black, White and Red All Over?

Enough Already; time for shine and color.
Some Spring offerings are presented below, including
Hemmerle orange sapphire earrings,
Sterle ribbon earrings, two Outstanding Hermes
bracelets (only three ever made of one)
Boivin, Van Cleef and Bulgari.
Whetting your appetite…

For information on pieces that are not linked to our website please call us at (917) 841-8405

1. Sterle 18k Gold “Ribbon” Earrings, ca. 1950s

2. Bulgari 18k bi-color Gold Earrings, ca. 1980s

3. Hemmerle Orange Sapphire and Copper Earrings, ca. 1980s

4. Vintage Dimensional 18k Gold and 2ct Diamond Ring, ca. 1940s

5. Van Cleef 18k Gold and Diamond Earrings ca. 1960

6. Rene Boivin Dimensional Gold Bracelet ca. 1940

7. Hermes 18k Gold Cuff Bracelet, ca. 1970s

8. Hermes 18k Gold Chaine d’Ancre Bracelet, ca. 1970s
(one of three ever made)


Call the DKF Personal Assistant
(917) 841-8405
to order or for further details