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That je ne sais quoi | dkfarnum
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That je ne sais quoi

We have long admired the exceptional talent of
Nicholas Varney and are honored to have several of
his pieces for sale this Holiday Season. His designs,
choice of stones and aesthetic are unique,
collectible and worth more than a second look.
Details available on all pieces

1,2,3 ear pendants

Abalone Shell; 92 Round Cut White Diamonds 1.75 ct.; Carved Ebony Wood; 18k Yellow Gold

coquille d’oeuf and ebony ear clips

English Brown Coquille d’Oeuf; Ebony Wood; 18k Yellow Gold; Signed N. VARNEY 18K at end of “coral” branch

octopus link bracelet in gaspeite & brown diamonds

12 textured 18k Yellow Gold links decorated with 84 Round Brilliant DEF Diamond Pave weighing 2.52 ct.; Round Brilliant Brown Diamond Pave weighing 11. 75 ct.; Carved Gaspeite; Signed Nicholas Varney.

peridot and coquille d’oeuf ring

Burmese Peridot 33.13 ct.; English Brown Coquille d’Oeuf mosaic; Black Lacquer; 18k Yellow Gold; Signed N. Varney

large golden hour earclips in russian nephrite jade

91.83 ct. of Russian Nephrite Jade; 6 Kyoto Style drops, set with 570 Diamonds DEF, 9.01 ct.; Ebony Wood; 18k Yellow Gold settings.

agate and gold and colored diamond ball bangle

Carved Agate; 3 Polished Gold Balls; 3 Pave Set Gold Balls in Natural Brown Orange, and Yellow Diamonds, 5ct.; 18k Yellow Gold

duo ear pendant in peridot and aquamarine

Peridot 19.89 ct., 2.79 ct.; Aquamarine 18.81 ct., 2.25 ct.; White Diamonds 1.65ct; Carved Turquoise frames; Carved Gaspeite frames; 18k Yellow Gold

vicenza bracelet in black jade

Carved Black Jade; 18k Yellow Gold; Hand signed: N. Varney

bonsai brooch

46.5 ct. Moroccan Banded Agate; 51.65 ct. Peridot; 1.02 ct. Color Change Garnet; 0.12 ct. Diamond Pave, DEF; 18k Yellow Gold

mandarin garnet and tiger eye ear pendants

Tiger Eye 84 ct.; Mandarin Garnets 81.24 ct.; Diamonds, DEF 1.05 ct.; 18k Yellow Gold


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