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She sells sea shells | dkfarnum
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She sells sea shells

Beguiling, sometimes bizarre shells have intrigued artists and jewelers as far back as history goes. The shell images below are from “The Shell” by Marguerite Stix whose jewelry designs we collect and sell. For sale below are examples by Verdura, Nicholas Varney, Seaman Schepps and Trianon, all of whom are known for their innovative use of natural materials.

You don’t have to be a malacologist or a billionaire to enjoy these. Shimmering, sophisticated, they are all redolent of summer.


nicholas varney abalone earrings nicholas varney abalone earrings

Set in wood and offset with diamonds, these abalone earrings take on different light for multiple looks; all stunning. Rich, textured abalone set in wood and diamond shapes cascade down a full 2.5 inches. Signed Nicholas Varney in original box.

verdura wood and gold shell earrings

A classic Verdura design, this one rendered in dark wood with eighteen-carat gold, signed Verdura. 1-1/4 inches long and 1 inch wide. The epitome of casual chic. Signed Verdura.

verdura wood and gold shell earrings
seaman schepps gold and turquoise earrings seaman schepps gold and turquoise earrings

18 carat yellow gold sets off these elegant green shells with cabochon turquoise accents on top and bottom. One inch long, signed Seaman Schepps. Refreshing color on a chic earring.

trianon gold and citrine earrings

Combining beguiling Citrine color with a natural shell embellished with eighteen carat gold makes for a stunning earring. Spruce up your sundress. Signed Trianon, one inch long.

trianon gold and citrine earrings
trianon earth toned shell earrings trianon earth toned shell earrings

Trianon combines the natural earth tones on these lovely shells with citrines and gold for an elegant earring. Mix with neutrals, great on blondes and brunettes. Signed Trianon.

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