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holiday baksheesh | dkfarnum
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holiday baksheesh

Inundated with holiday gift guides?

Revel in our top picks for gifts that keep on giving, not just for Holidays.

Enduring pourboires, all. As it should be.
Overnight shipping, on us.

1. Verdura “target” earrings
2. Verdura fan earrings
3. David Webb gold and diamond “shell” earrings
4. Verdura “target” pin
5. Hermes eighteen carat gold doorknocker earrings
6. “Paris Flame” Schlumberger ear clips
7. Dogwood flower gold diamond earrings
8. Gold and diamond croissant earrings
9. Verdura lattice weave cuff
10. Verdura maltese cross bracelet
11. Bulgari enigma bypass gold and diamond bracelet
12. Nicholas Varney cork and eighteen carat gold dogwood cuff
13. Cartier diamond and gold “juste un clou” bracelet
14. Seaman Schepps 18k gold curb link bracelet
15. Fabulous french forties cuff
16. Vintage 18 gold forties tank track bracelet
17. Vintage forties dimensional cuff
18. Tiffany black jade inlay cuff
19. Hermes 18k gold “lattice” wide cuff
20. Nicholas Varney bracelet
21. Patek Philippe Rose gold eighteen carat Travel Time watch
22. Nicholas Varney abalone, diamond, and onyx earrings
23. Angela Cummings “jaguar earrings”
24. Elephant hair bracelet
25. David Webb turquoise diamond and gold ear clips
26. Angela Cummings lapis twist bracelet
27. JAR sapphire ring
28. Schlumberger tanzanite, diamond & gold ring from the lefferts family estate
29. David Webb turquoise domino ring
30. Nicholas Varney agate, amethyst, and diamond “duo” ring
31. Bulgari turquoise hoops
32-33. Paloma Picasso lapis earrings and necklace

34. Schlumberger red paillone enamel bracelet
35. Schlumberger green paillone enamel bracelet
36. Tiffany Schlumberger enamel “banana” earrings
37. Verdura jade, 18k and shell letter opener
38. Nicholas Varney gold, spinel, and diamond button earclips
39. Nicholas Varney coquille d’oeuf and peridot ring
40. Paul Flato watch pendant on antique eighteen carat gold french chain
41. Seaman Schepps magnifier on eighteen carat gold antique French chain
42. Fob necklace with antique clock wind
43. Necklace with articulated fobs
44. Fob necklace with carved quartz large fob
45. 18k rose gold diamond ring
46. Verdura regatta necklace
47. Vintage hermes 18k carat gold tassel lariat necklace
48. Hermes 18k gold “lattice” wide cuff
49. Schlumberger crystal intaglio ring
50. Nicholas Varney palladium 18kt white gold, moonstone, and diamond button earclips
51. Suzanne Belperron 20 carat diamond earrings
52. Cartier deco diamond pin
53. Old mine cut diamond snake ring
54. Schlumberger “ribbon” diamond, platinum, and cultured pearl retro earrings

55-59. Wood and diamond rings
60. Elizabeth Gage gold and citrine lion intaglio earrings
61. Silvia Furmanovich volcanic rock and ebony earrings
62. Hermes gold plate extra- large belt buckle bracelet
63. Silvia Furmanovich turkish agate earrings
64. Silvia Furmanovich obi earrings
65. Verdura regatta necklace
66. 18k rose gold diamond ring
67. 1940s gold and diamond bombe ring
68. Hermes eighteen carat gold buckle ring
69. French ca.1940s 18k gold and diamond ring
70. Diamond and gold bombe cocktail ring
71. Boivin pins


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