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Harvest Moon | dkfarnum
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Harvest Moon

Silvia Furmanovich and Hermes jewelry

This Fall’s neutral palette
Calls for wood, and gold, and detailed accessories
From Hermes to Seaman Schepps to Sylvia Furmanovich
We offer five Easy Pieces for Fall.

Sylvia Furmanovich wood pansy earrings
Sylvia Furmanovich wood pansy earrings

Known for her exceptional use of unusual materials, the Brazilian designer Sylvia Furmanovich is especially expert in her marquetry pieces. These Pansy earrings feature light brown diamonds (.37 carats) and yellow sapphires (.59 carats) set in 18k yellow gold and yellow and brown wood. They are large (2.5 in) and light and maybe clips or pierced earrings. Signed Sylvia Furmanovich in original pouch.

Hermes 18k limited edition "parade" bracelet
Hermes 18k limited edition “parade” bracelet

One of three ever made, over 195 grams. 9 inches long and 7/8 inches wide. This is a stunning, special version of the iconic Hermes Chaine d’Ancre. Collectible, chic. Signed Hermes Paris.

Sylvia Furmanovich marquetry clutch/handbag
Sylvia Furmanovich marquetry clutch/handbag

Sylvia Furmanovich superb craftsmanship in the wooden carving or marquetry on this clutch/handbag. A lovely, Asian inspired bird carving in wood with eighteen-carat gold, diamond accents, grey pearl closure, and suede lining. A jewel of a bag. In original pouch. Signed.

Chaumet gold abstract ring
Chaumet gold abstract ring

An abstraction of the female gender sign, this very feminine and chic gold ring is a size 6.5 and may easily be sized. Ca. 1970s, signed Chaumet, Paris. Beautifully textured gold weave, ever so chic.13.6 grams.

Seaman Schepps Necklace
Seaman Schepps Necklace

A luscious 3/4 inch diameter per bead and sixteen inches long, this vintage Schepps tigers eye necklace features a plethora of tones for a shimmering overall effect. Signed Seaman Schepps, eighteen carat good closure, in original Schepps suede pouch.

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