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*Please include the name(s) of the jewelry you would like to inquire about.
bijoux binge | dkfarnum
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bijoux binge

We are struggling with how best to stay in touch with you, our friends and clients, during this crazy Covid time. While we have no panacea for the pandemic, we like to remain positive and hopefully help you to do so as well. Historically during tough times, there is a flight to quality and creativity. So in this positive spirit, we encourage you to browse, buy, binge… and flourish.

Our little company is donating ten percent of all proceeds to the Salisbury Visiting Nurses, a vital local organization. And through the rest of April, we are offering ten percent or more off all current inventory. Even during quarantine, we are celebrating; birthdays, Mothers Day, weddings, graduations, and time spent with loved ones.

Please hit “reply” on this email with questions about specific pieces, or to order. And we are always available for private phone meetings on (917)841-8405. Stay well and enjoy!

Top row:
1)Verdura “Target ” earrings
2)Schlumberger “Nest” earrings
3)Schlumberger “Paris Flame” earrings

1)Verdura “Target” pin/pendant

1)Vintage French “Croissant”: earrings
2)Cartier “Nugget” earrings
3) Tiffany abstract “Knot” earrings

Left to right:
1)Antique English fob pendants on antique eighteen carat French chain
2)Antique English fob pendants on antique fourteen-carat gold chain
3)Edwardian French agate and diamond box
4)Antique French crystal fob on antique eighteen carat gold chain
5)Antique English fobs on antique English chain
6)1940s Seaman Schepps fourteen carat gold and diamond magnifier on antique eighteen carat gold French chain

Top to bottom:
1)Coppola e Toppo crystal vintage flower earrings
2)Vintage Hermes “Mousetrap” sterling silver bracelet
3)Janesich black enamel and diamond Edwardian box
4)Nicholas Varney wood, abalone and diamond drop earrings

Top to bottom and left to right:
1)Sunburst coral and eighteen carat gold earrings
2)Paloma Picasso sapphire and eighteen carat gold orbit ring
3)Angela Cummings lapis and eighteen carat gold cuff
4)Fred, Paris Coral and eighteen carat gold cuff
5)Vintage Van Cleef and Arpels sapphire bombe ear clips
6)Turquoise and diamond Nautical link bracelet
7)Bulgari turquoise and eighteen carat gold hoop earrings
8)Vintage Van Cleef coral,diamond and gold doorknocker earrings:
9)Seaman Schepps large turbo shell earrings with emerald cabochon accents
10)Vintage Seaman Schepps lapis ,emerald ,fourteen carat gold and shell bracelet

Top row:
1)Vintage Verdura Maltese Cuff; eighteen carat gold, diamonds, citrines
2)Ebony rings inlaid in diamonds in various sizes. Pleas call for sizes and prices.

Middle row:
1)Edwardian Enamel and eighteen carat gold box

Bottom row:
1)Vintage Elephant hair and gold earrings
2)Vintage Van Cleef onyx and eighteen carat gold flower earrings

Top to bottom and left to right:
1)Retro eighteen carat gold dimensional cuff
2)Elsa Peretti eighteen carat gold Bone Cuff
3)Cartier Juste Un Clou eighteen carat bracelet
4)Vintage fourteen carat gold Verdura Moonstone lighter
5)Seventies Hermes “Tresse” earrings

Top to bottom and left to right:
1)Van Cleef and Arpels “Clematis” wood and 18 carat gold pin and earrings, ca. 1970s
2)Van Cleef Wood and Gold Rose de Noel earrings
3)Vintage Hermes Lattice eighteen carat gold cuff
4)Schlumberger red enamel and diamond “Banana” earrings
5)Seaman Schepps Carnelian and eighteen carat gold curb link bracelet
6)Elizabeth Gage Citrine intaglio and enamel on gold earrings

Call the DKF Personal Assistant
(917) 841-8405
to order or for further details