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About that Quarantini … | dkfarnum
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About that Quarantini …

Thinking about coping and cocktails
Got us thinking about Cocktail Rings.
So we decided to offer several on SALE (9 pictured here).

The history of cocktail rings dates back to Prohibition in the 1920’s in
America. Banned alcohol promoted drinking parties, aptly named “cocktail parties”.

Women had started to vote, to wear flapper fashions, to smoke, drink, and
wear art deco jewelry.

Illegal booze was sold in speakeasies, and for the first time, women began to
manage and frequent these illicit watering holes.
Cocktails that emerged from this time included the Tom Collins, the Gin
Rickey, the Sidecar, and the Whiskey Sour.

Jazz era women clandestinely sipped these sexy, sumptuous cocktails wearing their most glamorous attire including gemstone rings, which became known as “cocktail rings”.

No longer limited to featuring large gemstones or too dark soirees, cocktail rings are still all the rage.

Especially at ten percent off.

So sip your Quarantini and enjoy.

All Rings may be sized to suit.



  1. Top row left: Schlumberger large crystal custom intaglio ring, signed Schlumberger, set in 18 carat gold, ca.1960’s.
  2. Top row right: Chaumet abstract geometric ring, ca.1970’s, 18 carat gold, signed Chaumet.
  3. Second row left: Eighteen carat gold and diamond bombe cocktail ring, 2 carats of diamonds, ca.1940’s.
  4. Second row middle: Elegant Eighteen carat gold French cocktail ring with diamond accents, ca.1940’s.
  5. Second row, right: Rose gold eighteen carat gold French cocktail ring with pave diamonds and textured gold.
  6. Third row, left: Vintage David Webb eighteen carat gold love knot ring, ca.1960s, signed David Webb. Opens in the shank to accommodate the knuckle.
  7. Third row, right: Vintage gold and diamond cocktail ring, ca.1960s.
  8. Bottom row left: Van Cleef and Arpels vintage double dolphin head ring, ca.1970s, eighteen carat gold, signed Van Cleef.
  9. Bottom row, right: Paloma Picasso eighteen carat gold and sapphire abstract ring, ca.1980. Signed Paloma Picasso.

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